Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Star Wars" And Greek Mythology?

Is there a mythology to Star Wars?  If anything, what patterns do you see regarding Greek Mythology and Star Wars?  What will you take with you to other subjects regarding Greek Mythology?  Final observant thoughts to ponder about Greek Mythology? Please complete blog today.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

There is some mythology to Star Wars because like George Lucas said in the video said there are a lot of themes to Star Wars not just one. I think that this relates to mythology too because in myths there are many themes about heroism, love, conflict and many others. Also the idea of having characters that move the reader and are memorable in the story is in mythology too. Because even if someone hasn't studied mythology everyone has heard of heroes like Perseus and Hercules. I also agree with the idea of the power of imagination. "Imagination is like a trait" this relates to mythology because myths were thought up by people to describe certain things like nature, and how the earth was created, kind of how George Lucas created Star Wars for his own self ideas about life that's shown in the characters and the story.