Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Alignment Of Myth And Mythology Definition?

How do the myths you read today address our definition of mythology? Please respond through critique, evaluation, and analysis. Use quotations and references to myths and divinities when possible.  Please complete this blog response by Thursday, Dec. 11th at 2:30p.m..

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Anonymous said...

In the Simpsons version of the odyssey there are many similarity sand differences. One similarity is that the sirens draw them in to make there boat crash. In the odyssey the men on the ship cover there ears and don't go near the island when in the Simpsons they go near it and see that it's ugly women do they turn around and leave. Another parody/difference is when all his men get turned into pigs, in the Simpsons he eats his men while in the real Odyssey he tries to get them turned back to normal.