Wednesday, May 3, 2017

"The Iliad?" "The Odyssey?" Counseling?

After listening to the Psychiatrist Counsels Vets With Odyssey Audio, what are you thinking about the The Odyssey?  Please specify your thoughts using a dynamic topic sentence and supporting evidence.  This blog response is due by 2:30p.m. on Thursday, May 4th.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

"Star Wars" And Greek Mythology?

Is there a mythology to Star Wars?  If anything, what patterns do you see regarding Greek Mythology and Star Wars?  What will you take with you to other subjects regarding Greek Mythology?  Final observant thoughts to ponder about Greek Mythology? Please complete blog by 2:30p.m. on Thur., May 18th.

"The Simpsons And The Odyssey?"

How is The Simpsons' video clip a parody and/or satire of The Odyssey and heroes in Greek Mythology?  Please list at least one specific from the Heroic Code as you explain and defend your assessment and thinking.  This response is due during class on May 9th or 16th.