Thursday, November 17, 2016

"The Iliad?" "The Odyssey?" What Do We Think?

With reference to The Iliad/Odyssey Video, what did it make you contemplate regarding archetypal patterns? Homecoming? Pride? The hero? Divinities? Heroic Code? Guest/Host? Hubris? Other? Please quote from either text or the video. Please complete this blog response during class on Nov. 29th.


Anonymous said...

Through out the whole thing, a symbol of the god was always present. There would be an olive branch, a spear, an owl, or sometimes even the god themselves. Athena is most present in these, she liked to meddle with people's lives a lot. She appears as herself invisible to the heroes, or she will appear as one of her symbols. Gods are very present in the pottery and stories told through Greek Mythology.

London Kolman said...

In both the Iliad and the Odyssey, honor is talked about and how it can be achieved. The Romans and Greeks both wanted to win(obviously) but they also believed that the gods and goddesses would pick sides to help them win. At least one god/goddess is in each story because they are so prevalent in both Roman and Greek cultures.