Thursday, January 29, 2015

Are Myths Invaluable?

Based upon your Cosmogony account readings and background Greek Mythology information, what do you view as the reasoning behind or value of myths?  Please argue, critique, explain, and justify your response to this prompt.  If you can infuse quotations within your response, please do so.  This blog response should be completed by 2:30p.m. on February 3, 2015.


Anonymous said...

Myths have a lot of value and importance behind them. They were created for a reason and helped explain thoughts, emotions, actions, problems, situations, and much more. It is interesting how the book talks about how everything was created. "The Greeks did not believe that the gods created the universe. It was the other way about: the universe created the gods (24)." This shows a good description on how the universe created things that were unknown at the time and with the myths some of the secrets became uncovered. One main Greek goddess who describes feelings that could have occurred was Aphrodite, she had the symbol of jealously, which is a common emotion people come across. Without myths we would have many unanswered questions and no ideas behind to back it up.

Anonymous said...

Myths for me were invented to ex plane the word weather it be a thunderstorm , earthquake or their reson to go to war.

Anonymous said...

I believe that myths were a first step to the explanation of how the world works - from great things like why natural disasters occur, to small things like why we laugh. Perhaps it was also to humble us, and to press a sense of order at the threat of divine wrath.